Monday, June 3, 2013

Chocolate Chai Pancakes

Fair warning, I am not a food blogger, I love reading food blogs, but the time between picture taking and food entering my mouth always catches me off guard. If it smells good, I want to eat it.
But this recipe was amazing. So amazing I am writing this while eating. Getting peanut butter oil on my keyboard.

So my husband and I have this running joke going. I say I'm a horrible housewife, he says yea, but you make a wonderful wife. I threaten to go find myself a housewife, he says yes please.

So dear hubby usually makes the pancakes around here. They are perfect, the incredibly fluffy, cooked and deliciousness through every bite. Every time I make pancakes, even from the box, they turn out flat, crispy, undercooked or overcooked. I trick him by putting the pretty sides up on his plate. Let's just say he never goes back for seconds.

Well, here I am this morning, and I am starving! That horrible, don't ask me to do anything, I can't even think straight until I get some food in this tummy!!!

I was burnt out on toast (hehehe) so that wasn't an option (well, wasn't preferable anyways), not in a cereal mood.

Most of you would think, easy, whip up some eggs, some omlette, whatever. There's actually quite a bit of breakfast options out there. The problem is this, I ran out of eggs, and almond milk. The only thing in my fridge was chocolate almond milk and Chai latte mix.

So, I do what I usually do when I need inspiration, off to Pintrest I go. I am such an addict.

Found a vegan board, and thought, ooohhh, no eggs needed there. Watch out for the egg substitute though, (yea, I need to go grocery shopping ASAP)

Found a recipe for pancakes, mmmmmmmm, every day is a good day for pancakes.

5 Min Vegan Pancakes - no eggs required. any kind of flour, and a quick substitute here and there.

So, I mixed my batter, dry first, I used wheat flour as I was running out of GF flour, (did I mention the need to go shopping?) sugar, baking powder, teeny bit of salt, stirred with a fork. Have I mentioned that I don't use measuring spoons. I use measuring cups no problem, tablespoons and teaspoons I just eye. Probably explains my previous pancakes.....)
Wandered over to my fridge, figured almond chocolate milk was just as good as reg. almond milk. Besides, who says no to chocolate?

The batter was really really thick. I took that as a great sign. BTW, sorry about the quality of pics, my camera does not do well in my kitchen. It is yummy and smells good too.

As I was waiting for the first pancake I made myself a mix of Chai and Chocolate milk. I was super nervous about this as I took my first sip. OH WOW !!!! LOVE AT FIRST SIP

If you haven't tried this, go do it now. Promise, it was amazing. And if you have tried this, WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS BEFORE?


     I cooked up my second pancake, and my stomach won out, I tried a small bite of the first finished pancake. OOHHH that was good, and fluffy. so thick. I would even go as far to say better than my husbands in texture. Small bite quickly turned into devouring. Took another sip of my amazing drink, then lightbulb went off.

Uhhhhh, why not add some chai mix to the pancake mix? It was a really thick batter anyways, so why not? Help thin it out a bit.

So the last half of my pancakes are now Chocolate Chai pancakes. There's a definite but small taste difference between the first half of the batch and the second half. Both are good, but I will definitely be adding Chai to my future batches. Not going to lie, I might have to make these again tomorrow morning. Yep, that good.

My regular topping on pancakes is peanut butter. Don't judge. I love it. I'll go on a healthy thing and say it adds extra protein to help me get through the day. MMmmmmmm

Super easy, and with stuff I have in my kitchen at all times even on grocery shopping day. And if I can get them light and fluffy, so can you, trust me.

I am going to go enjoy the last of my pancakes. Tomorrow I'll make an extra batch just to throw in the freezer for future cravings.

Now go! These are relatively healthy. Healthier than other pancakes anyways. Mmmmmm


1 cup wheat flour
1 tbsp. sugar
2 tbsp. baking powder
touch of salt
1 cup chocolate almond milk
1/3 c Chai latte mix
2 tbsp. Olive oil

1. Make sure you have all your ingredients

2. Pour some of the olive oil into the pan and set on med heat.

3. Mix up dry ingredients, then add the liquid ingredients. Stir together, I used a fork, no need to get all the lumps out of it. Batter will be thick.

4. Pan should be ready, so measure some of the batter into the pan, and continue to cook like normal pancakes. Flip when bubbles appear, enjoy with toppings of your choice.

I am going to freeze some for future. This made me about 6 pancakes. Would easily serve two, maybe three.

Let me know if you try it and how it turns out!

It is a bit sweeter, I would probably lessen some of the sugar due to the sugar being added in the chocolate milk. But play around with it to your tastes. I didn't want to do maple sugar syrup cause that would have been incredibly sweet.


  1. OMG, I have been craving pancakes for so long, but I have not been able to find a recipe that let me make pancakes like you describe how your husband makes them. BTW, I love your blog, you are so funny. So I tried this and it is really good! I thought it sounded weird but they turned out very tasty. I added a touch of cinnamon and cayenne, and I mean a touch, you just want to go, hmm, what is that, it's good. I saw that trick on Food Network. I topped mine with strawberry jam, delish.

    1. OMG your comment totally made my day when I saw it!!! I am so glad that you tried the pancakes, they are sooo good! I will definitely have to try the cayenne trick, it will be a good way to wake up the tastebuds in the morning at any rate :)