Monday, August 12, 2013

Splash Mountain Layout

Yay its the weekend!!!

Got another layout to show off. I am loving scrapbooking my So Cal trip. Some of my pages are just fun, like the Winnie the Pooh and SeaWorld. Today I am going to show off my Splash Mountain layout. This one was based on some challenges of course. The Scrappy Friends did it again, and I had fun putting this one together.
So the first of the scrappy friends (in no particular order)

Kristi's Recipe - wood, mixed alphas, and stripes
Rochelle's Theme - travel
Brenda's Sketch -  
And what I came up with.

Got a little creative with that recipe
Mixed alphas- it took a long time to find those fonts and the "Get Wet" sign. Love it though and it makes the page that much more

Wood- Theres a wood piece that the Good Times sign is based on, I painted over it with some white and a touch of blue. Also for wood the thorns that are on most of the page are cut from my wood paper. There's a wood log, and of course there's the wooden Splash Mountain sign. Come to think of it, there's a lot of "wood" in this layout.
The stripes I will admit are hard to see, the background green paper is striped. 

Hope you enjoy. I love it. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Round and Round

Ahhh, it's been such a great summer so far!
My beans are starting to sprout. Now I understand why gardeners garden. My flowers are blooming and dying, and that is just sad. And the weeds. Ugh. But my vegetable! I love it. I love tending to those little veggies and getting to pick out a few tomatoes to go with dinner for the night. This whole veggie garden thing needs to be a regular habit for sure.

So, back to my layout. I didn't get a chance to scrap too much in July due to setting up my online scrap store. Plug plug, go check it out! Nani ke Ola Scrapbooking.  I am even looking for a design team. So if you want free stuff every month to play with, go check out this link. There is still about a week left to enter.

Ok, layout for real this time!
This one was part of the Paper Secrets Challenge. As soon as I saw the layout challenge I knew I had to do it. This layout was super great and pretty easy to work with.

Great layout!

And my interpretation

I had lots of fun with Queen & Co Washi tape, twine, and some glitter. It's a Disney layout, it has to have some glitter right?
And because I can't stand just plain white paper, I misted it with red. Seems to becoming a trend with my Disney layouts. White paper, red mist. And I love it.

Ok, You have a week to enter the Paper secrets Challenge, a week to apply for my Design team, and of course everyday to buy scrap supplies from my store. Go. Do it. And enjoy the upcoming weekend!