Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Peacock lane

I really got to get used to this blogging thing :)
The good news is that I finally FINALLY finished my office ( much to my husband's relief). Let's put this into perspective. I started this project last November. My office is my creative place. Where I scrapbook. Where I write essays. Escape from real life. So I wanted it to be fun. But so many color choices and combinations, how do you choose? My friend suggested I get inspired from a scrapbook theme. Duh. So simple and BRILLIANT! Last summer BoBunny released a line called peacock lane. Love it. Purple, turquoise, girly but without the flowers (very important).

Of course when hubby saw it he just kind of rolled his eyes, but thats ok. This was destiny. I have a habit of going with hubby to the hardware store for one reason and one reason only, to look at the "oops" paint. Once I decided what colors I needed, I found them all within a week at four different hardware stores! A gallon of dark purple, gallon of mint/light turqoise color, and a quart each of lavender and dark tuqoise. YAY for all paint costing less than $20!

Gathered all my paint, brushes and such, and just started painting. All of its hand painted. Luckily its only one focal wall, one half wall (it has two doorways) and the other two are blocked by desks and such so they are just plain mint color.

And this is my wall between the two doorways.

SO fun, I love coming in here now.
Now its time to add all the little decorations and finishing touches.

Tell me what you think? Would you ever paint anything like this in your office or personal space?