Friday, June 28, 2013

Use Your Words DT Call out

One last quick post before I run away for the day.

Found this brand spankin new Scrapbook Challenge site, I like the concept of it so far and even better, they are looking for a Brand NEW Design Team! Here is the direct link to go check it out yourself, and I have posted the info here too for you to see.

I am applying for the design team, wish me luck! Hope to see you there

Design Team Call
Welcome to Use Your Words Challenge Blog! 

We are a new challenge blog dedicated to getting those photos scrapped.  The way we will work is to have monthly challenges centered on one word.  The challenge word will be given to you well in advance and you are to create your layout around this word.   To help us get off the ground and running we are going to need a Design Team so we are holding our very first Design Team call. I am looking for about 6 talented committed scrapbookers to provide one a month for our challenges.  Design team members can be traditional or digital scrappers.  The term will run for a 3 month period from July 1st to October 1st, 2013.  Challenges will be provided to you well in advance.  Challenges will post on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Why apply for our team? 
  • To be inspired and to inspire others 
  • To be on the ground floor of an up and coming blog 
  • You will be a part of an amazing group of women and develop lifelong friendships with women from all over the world. 
  • Your work will be featured on Facebook and Pinterest. 
What is expected of our Design Team? 
  • Complete 2 projects per month (you will be given challenges at least a month in advance). 
  • Comment on participants entries (THIS IS A MUST!).  Any team member not adhering to this rule will be promptly removed from the team so please make sure you can do this before applying. 
  • Commit to a 3 month term (Beginning of  July to the beginning of October) 
  • Keep an active blog that is updated frequently 
  • Post our challenge and your project on your blog on reveal day and link back to the Use Your Words blog.
How to apply:
  • Leave a comment below indicating you would like to apply 
  • Tell me a little bit about yourself to include your style and whether or not you are on any other design teams. (no previous DT experience required) 
  • Provide links to your blog and any online galleries. 
  • Include 3 projects that best represent your style. 
  • Place our DT call on your blog to help get the word out.
  • You MUST have a Facebook account as we will have a private DT group on Facebook
  • Become a Use Your Word follower
We are accepting applications through July 7th New design team members will be notified by July 8th.  This is an open call, what that means is, I have the right to close this call at any time if I feel all the positions have been filled.    The first reveal will be July 15th.  Please email your applications to  Place DT call in your subject line.  Thanks!

International members are welcome to apply!
Digital scrappers are welcome to apply!

Scrap Our Stash Challenge

Hey everyone! Back with yet another challenge layout. I think I am done for this month as the sun has FINALLY reached Seattle and my garden needs some tending to.
I know most of the country is in the 100's, so I'll be very grateful for my 80 degree weather. woot woot!

Ok, this layout was for the Scrap Our Stash challenge. There was a layout, with some extras including using Twine/jute and a tag. I love tags, and have seen some fabulous uses of tags lately. I don't know why but I found this one really hard to do. I found my paper right away, Loved using up some scraps that have been sitting around for who knows how long, but arranging it was a challenge.
I finally came up with something that I liked.

I love the paisley paper, and the more subdued blues and greens to go with it. I am glad I had a chance to resurrect these papers as they were used for my Italy scrapbook which is long done by now.

From my previous challenge that used the color resist technique I was still on an embossing kick, so I grabbed my "Butter" Zing embossing powder and had some fun with the tag. Afterwards I stamped with a combination of the blues and greens that are seen throughout the page. I wanted that tag to be a bit darker and love how it turned out.

Hope you all enjoy, leave some love and comment!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Everyday Happiness for the Scrappy Friends June Challenge

I've been working on trying to do a layout a day for the past few days. It's been going well and it feels good to make a dent (teeny tiny really) in the paper stash and photo stash.

This was a fun layout to make, another challenge layout. This one was for a group of four friends coming up with four separate challenges for one layout. I started here at  GrandDiva Page sketch.

Out of the four challenges, the one that inspired my page the most was Rochelle's Pinspiration.

I pretty much loved everything about this picture!
The colors, the texture, the climbing floral.
So maybe its because the first day of summer came and went and its still raining in Seattle. I love summer, I love windy days on the beach, and I just finished a masculine page for hubby. I went in the opposite direction for this page.
 I dug through the paper pile and found the paper I wanted to use. I had this "Head in the Clouds" paper by Good Day Sunshine that I've been holding onto to for while waiting for the perfect layout.

I have a confession to make....
I chose my paper before I went to bed...

And the layout came to me in a dream.

Yep, I dreamed about scrapbooking. Even had a small nightmare where I glued the paper down and it was the wrong size and at an angle but I couldn't move it!

At least I was prepared to put together my page bright and early in the morning.


Everyday Happiness. to try and capture the romantic feel of a breezy summer day. The banner in the middle of the original sketch I substituted for a kite string blowing in the wind.

 Kery's layout recipe  required 3 patterened papers, twine and washi.  The twine was easy, I wanted to mimic the climbing floral in the pinspiration. I've been researching clemantis flowers for my garden, so I wanted to do a nice floral touch. It sits along a wooden board background that I found in my stash. YAY for random papers that sit around waiting for the perfect moment.
 The washi I almost forgot about, but luckily it worked out as I wanted a sun in the corner, but wouldn't quite fit. The sketch and yellow washi inspired what I hoped to show some sun rays coming down in the sky.

A new technique I haven't tried ever was Kristi's Ink Resist Technique. Well, had to try it, so off to the store I went to get the proper tools. It was quite fun and I will be trying it again many more times.   
Here is a closer view of the kite where I tried the ink resist. Clear embossing powder and stamps I had on hand and it made for a very cool kite that also followed along the romantic feel of the page.
I encourage all of you to take a look and do some scrap challenges yourself. I am finding its a great way to break out of the comfort zone.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Boys Weekend at Nascar Layout

Another Layout challenge, this one by Paper Secrets Sketch Challenge,

This was a fun layout to work with

And of course, it had a twist!
Use a product with numbers, aside from alpha numeric sets.

I will admit, I kinda pushed the boundaries here, so we will see if it counts, may not.
While trying to think of something with numbers, I thought of my boys weekend back in March. A boys weekend that I tagged along with. Can't send the boys to Las Vegas by themselves!
They went to Nascar racing, and I ran off to more scenic areas, such as salons.....

Here's my layout I did, I used a picture of them standing in front of the track, and then one of the first pictures taken with all the cars lined up. Using the ticket stubs and the famous Nascar logo made for a nice base.

This is probably one of the most simple layouts I have made lately, but it seems fitting for a male based layout. They don't want much  :)

On the layout sketch there was some twine wrapped around the bottom pictures. I wanted to use this element somehow in my layout.
I used a picture of the winning car  (love my Silhouette Cameo for tracing picture function!) and checked out some toys in the clearance aisle.

Perfect! If you have boys then they might have some tires laying around already to use. But at 2 bucks it was cheaper and easier than buying a set of stamps. I inked it with some black and made some race tracks along the bottom of the pair of pictures. It didn't photograph well, but it showed up nicely on the page itself.

Overall I am pretty happy with this layout, simple and all. And hubby is too, which is the most important cause it will be framed and put in his office to remember his first Nascar race.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Scrap Challenge

There's a quote I saw on Pintrest a while ago that describes scrapbookers perfectly, at least me anyways. Scrapbooking is 3% creativity and 97% not getting distracted by the internet.

So to help me focus, I decided to look up some challenges and focus focus focus!

Here's my first entry into the Challenge me Happy Challenge #48

I have to say I had a lot of fun doing it, it was nice to get out of my box a little, and I always need some inspiration on how to embellish. So having some boundaries really helped me make a pretty cute page!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Disney Mini Autograph Book

Last year when planning my vacation, I decided to avoid the beaches, which is really really rare of me. I am all over sun, drinks, and beaches. Snorkeling. Ahhhh.
Instead we went to Disney land. I hadn't been since I was a kid, and hubby had never ever gone! So off to see the Mouse.

I decided to make an autograph book, mine would be much cooler than the store bought kind. Duh.
Hubby laughed at me and thought I was too old for an autograph book. Well, age doesn't matter in Disneyland. So I made a cool book, and the characters loved it. It made for some great picture moments and even hubby helped collect a few autographs. Its that Disney effect I'm telling ya.

Fast forward to this year, now of course all my friends are going to Disneyland over the next few months. This only make me want to go again very very badly. Hubby says no, something about saving up for moving next year which is all my idea. Sigh. Being an adult is hard.

Well, one of my friends asked me to make a couple autograph books for her kids and I leapt for joy!!!! YAY I could pretend to go to Disneyland!!!!!!

Here's my pictures, I hope you enjoy. Of course, there are so many different kind of autograph books you can make or even buy. Some are complicated, some are put together after the trip, some are as simple as the t-shirt and sharpie idea.

First step is to collect cereal boxes. I know the paper is pretty tough, but I like having the cereal boxes to help give it some structure while the characters are signing away.

My silhouette Cameo got a great workout and cut pages and pages of cereal boxes. I like having a few fun pages in there that aren't all squares. Keep the same size cut out on the silhouette and use it for cutting paper. Using different colors: white, pink, green, blue, etc. I like to match up some of the pages for the characters to sign. I made the mistake last year of not making a page for the Mad Hatter, and oooohhhh he was so "upset" in only the way the Mad Hatter could me. So I gave him the page I made for Baboo. Don't ask why I made for Baboo and not Mad Hatter. So, if you make an autograph book, make sure to make a fantastic page for the Mad Hatter.

Decorate your pages however you want. Then I used Lori Whitlock's style for binding the album together. She has a few different styles. This is the one I used. Lori Whitlock Youtube Instruction

I have to say it almost took as long to piece it all together as it did to make the individual pages. To be fair, I made a lot of pages, 13 total, space for 26 signatures or pictures. YAY for Disney! I really want to go back. :(

Love the princess silhouettes that are available for download through the Silhouette store.

My favorite page to have fun with is Winnie the Pooh.

Then decorate the cover as you will. There's so many choices, and its Disney so the more fun the better it is. I stick with the black/white/red motif, its the easiest and all matches, but themed ones would be fun if there's a favorite character.

Those are my autograph books. I give them to their new mommy owner tomorrow and then they make the trek to their destination Disney next week. I really hope the kids love them as much as I do.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Chocolate Chai Pancakes

Fair warning, I am not a food blogger, I love reading food blogs, but the time between picture taking and food entering my mouth always catches me off guard. If it smells good, I want to eat it.
But this recipe was amazing. So amazing I am writing this while eating. Getting peanut butter oil on my keyboard.

So my husband and I have this running joke going. I say I'm a horrible housewife, he says yea, but you make a wonderful wife. I threaten to go find myself a housewife, he says yes please.

So dear hubby usually makes the pancakes around here. They are perfect, the incredibly fluffy, cooked and deliciousness through every bite. Every time I make pancakes, even from the box, they turn out flat, crispy, undercooked or overcooked. I trick him by putting the pretty sides up on his plate. Let's just say he never goes back for seconds.

Well, here I am this morning, and I am starving! That horrible, don't ask me to do anything, I can't even think straight until I get some food in this tummy!!!

I was burnt out on toast (hehehe) so that wasn't an option (well, wasn't preferable anyways), not in a cereal mood.

Most of you would think, easy, whip up some eggs, some omlette, whatever. There's actually quite a bit of breakfast options out there. The problem is this, I ran out of eggs, and almond milk. The only thing in my fridge was chocolate almond milk and Chai latte mix.

So, I do what I usually do when I need inspiration, off to Pintrest I go. I am such an addict.

Found a vegan board, and thought, ooohhh, no eggs needed there. Watch out for the egg substitute though, (yea, I need to go grocery shopping ASAP)

Found a recipe for pancakes, mmmmmmmm, every day is a good day for pancakes.

5 Min Vegan Pancakes - no eggs required. any kind of flour, and a quick substitute here and there.

So, I mixed my batter, dry first, I used wheat flour as I was running out of GF flour, (did I mention the need to go shopping?) sugar, baking powder, teeny bit of salt, stirred with a fork. Have I mentioned that I don't use measuring spoons. I use measuring cups no problem, tablespoons and teaspoons I just eye. Probably explains my previous pancakes.....)
Wandered over to my fridge, figured almond chocolate milk was just as good as reg. almond milk. Besides, who says no to chocolate?

The batter was really really thick. I took that as a great sign. BTW, sorry about the quality of pics, my camera does not do well in my kitchen. It is yummy and smells good too.

As I was waiting for the first pancake I made myself a mix of Chai and Chocolate milk. I was super nervous about this as I took my first sip. OH WOW !!!! LOVE AT FIRST SIP

If you haven't tried this, go do it now. Promise, it was amazing. And if you have tried this, WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS BEFORE?


     I cooked up my second pancake, and my stomach won out, I tried a small bite of the first finished pancake. OOHHH that was good, and fluffy. so thick. I would even go as far to say better than my husbands in texture. Small bite quickly turned into devouring. Took another sip of my amazing drink, then lightbulb went off.

Uhhhhh, why not add some chai mix to the pancake mix? It was a really thick batter anyways, so why not? Help thin it out a bit.

So the last half of my pancakes are now Chocolate Chai pancakes. There's a definite but small taste difference between the first half of the batch and the second half. Both are good, but I will definitely be adding Chai to my future batches. Not going to lie, I might have to make these again tomorrow morning. Yep, that good.

My regular topping on pancakes is peanut butter. Don't judge. I love it. I'll go on a healthy thing and say it adds extra protein to help me get through the day. MMmmmmmm

Super easy, and with stuff I have in my kitchen at all times even on grocery shopping day. And if I can get them light and fluffy, so can you, trust me.

I am going to go enjoy the last of my pancakes. Tomorrow I'll make an extra batch just to throw in the freezer for future cravings.

Now go! These are relatively healthy. Healthier than other pancakes anyways. Mmmmmm


1 cup wheat flour
1 tbsp. sugar
2 tbsp. baking powder
touch of salt
1 cup chocolate almond milk
1/3 c Chai latte mix
2 tbsp. Olive oil

1. Make sure you have all your ingredients

2. Pour some of the olive oil into the pan and set on med heat.

3. Mix up dry ingredients, then add the liquid ingredients. Stir together, I used a fork, no need to get all the lumps out of it. Batter will be thick.

4. Pan should be ready, so measure some of the batter into the pan, and continue to cook like normal pancakes. Flip when bubbles appear, enjoy with toppings of your choice.

I am going to freeze some for future. This made me about 6 pancakes. Would easily serve two, maybe three.

Let me know if you try it and how it turns out!

It is a bit sweeter, I would probably lessen some of the sugar due to the sugar being added in the chocolate milk. But play around with it to your tastes. I didn't want to do maple sugar syrup cause that would have been incredibly sweet.