Thursday, June 13, 2013

Disney Mini Autograph Book

Last year when planning my vacation, I decided to avoid the beaches, which is really really rare of me. I am all over sun, drinks, and beaches. Snorkeling. Ahhhh.
Instead we went to Disney land. I hadn't been since I was a kid, and hubby had never ever gone! So off to see the Mouse.

I decided to make an autograph book, mine would be much cooler than the store bought kind. Duh.
Hubby laughed at me and thought I was too old for an autograph book. Well, age doesn't matter in Disneyland. So I made a cool book, and the characters loved it. It made for some great picture moments and even hubby helped collect a few autographs. Its that Disney effect I'm telling ya.

Fast forward to this year, now of course all my friends are going to Disneyland over the next few months. This only make me want to go again very very badly. Hubby says no, something about saving up for moving next year which is all my idea. Sigh. Being an adult is hard.

Well, one of my friends asked me to make a couple autograph books for her kids and I leapt for joy!!!! YAY I could pretend to go to Disneyland!!!!!!

Here's my pictures, I hope you enjoy. Of course, there are so many different kind of autograph books you can make or even buy. Some are complicated, some are put together after the trip, some are as simple as the t-shirt and sharpie idea.

First step is to collect cereal boxes. I know the paper is pretty tough, but I like having the cereal boxes to help give it some structure while the characters are signing away.

My silhouette Cameo got a great workout and cut pages and pages of cereal boxes. I like having a few fun pages in there that aren't all squares. Keep the same size cut out on the silhouette and use it for cutting paper. Using different colors: white, pink, green, blue, etc. I like to match up some of the pages for the characters to sign. I made the mistake last year of not making a page for the Mad Hatter, and oooohhhh he was so "upset" in only the way the Mad Hatter could me. So I gave him the page I made for Baboo. Don't ask why I made for Baboo and not Mad Hatter. So, if you make an autograph book, make sure to make a fantastic page for the Mad Hatter.

Decorate your pages however you want. Then I used Lori Whitlock's style for binding the album together. She has a few different styles. This is the one I used. Lori Whitlock Youtube Instruction

I have to say it almost took as long to piece it all together as it did to make the individual pages. To be fair, I made a lot of pages, 13 total, space for 26 signatures or pictures. YAY for Disney! I really want to go back. :(

Love the princess silhouettes that are available for download through the Silhouette store.

My favorite page to have fun with is Winnie the Pooh.

Then decorate the cover as you will. There's so many choices, and its Disney so the more fun the better it is. I stick with the black/white/red motif, its the easiest and all matches, but themed ones would be fun if there's a favorite character.

Those are my autograph books. I give them to their new mommy owner tomorrow and then they make the trek to their destination Disney next week. I really hope the kids love them as much as I do.

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