Sunday, November 24, 2013

Phew! A quick hello!

Hi Everyone!

It has been so long! My store has launched nicely, and I cant wait for CHA in Jan! For numerous reasons - first is of course to see all the new products, but also to just be warm!!!!! Disney will still have their winter magic going on and I would love to catch the end of that.

Anyways, part of owning my store, and distributing international brands in the US is being on the look out for new brands. I saw this one and immediately fell in love.

Take a look - its great. One is summer, and another is Christmas. May be a little late for Christmas, unless you are seasons behind, or even seasons ahead!!! I guess it depends on how fast you scrap haha. The summer collection is super cute though.

Enough of me babbling, go check it out! Brand new company, with a fresh fresh look.

Studio Tekturek