Thursday, May 30, 2013

Painted beauties for the Garden

So, this is all in response to some lady called the Pintester (Sonja  Foust, she' actually quite hilarious, go check out her blog NOW) who decided that we should actually DO the pins we pin!!! Outrageous. But totally fun. And there's a whole list of ladies who decided to follow this craziness too!. To get the full list, go check out the original page The Pintester .

Eventually I will look at a few myself and post a few of my favorites too. We pintesters have to UNITE.

So the first challenge is to decide, which, out of the hundreds and hundreds of pins I have personally pinned, to focus on.

Does anyone else do this? The following conversation:

Me- la dee da dee da

Hubby- Hey hun, whats for dinner?

Me- Oh, is it that time again! I don't know.

        Scrambling for the ipad to pull up my Pintrest page (its permanent on my browser)
        Quickly check out the 5 different boards that I have recipes to, look briefly at the pictures to see if anything sounds appealing. (Let's face it, good recipes require good pictures)
        Go to webpage link to check out the ACTUAL recipe and see if all ingredients are available.

Me- AHA! How does so-and-so sound?
        Running to kitchen and get started on dinner.

       Last, after dinner, depending on how it went, I will leave a comment on the pin to any adjustments and such.
       In other words, I consider Pintrest to be my own personal cookbook. Yep. A majority of my meals come straight from Pintrest. YUM. 

       So in this challenge I didn't want to do a recipe, too easy. One of my current big projects is my vegetable garden. I realize its June and I am cutting it close. And it seems to be coming along nicely.... I'll let you know once the veggies start blooming.
       But I needed something pretty among the dirt and budding leaves.

       I saw this pin, I immediately pinned it. Unfortunately theres no link to go back to. So if this is your original pin, Please let me know!

          Fortunately, it seems simple enough to figure out on my own.

         I was waiting for a sunny day, here in the Pacific NW we had a great beginning of May, and then it rained and rained. So sunny days temporary gone, and deadline approaching, I decided Kathy Lee and Hoda would be good entertainment while painting my rocks.

First step, Go out and pick out some rocks. Rivers or creek beds seem like a great place to get some nice round flat rocks.
I live near the beach, that would be a nice place too. Instead, I headed to the front yard. I got all sorts of fun shaped rocks. But next time I will be on the search for some fun rocks.

       Tossed them in the sink and gave them a rinse. I suppose you could use a brush or something to get all the cracks, but I just wanted a simple project.

            Gathered up all my supplies, some cheap paint, cheap brushes, water, paper plate, and divided up my rocks into smooth rounded ones and oddly shaped ones. I had a plan.....

                 If you noticed in the paint above, I was missing red. I wasn't too worried about it at first, but then I realized that red is vital. Ummmm, tomatoes, red peppers, those are red. DOH! So I have a few rocks set aside for when I get to those. So the ones I managed to do were green and white.

                I have a whole new appreciation for those painted garden rocks that you find on the internet. I like to think of myself as a beginner artist. I won't give up! Although sometimes I think I should haha. Well, I will be the only one who looks at them in the veggie garden, and of course all the people who come check this page out.... Powers of the internet.

           With the oddly shaped ones, I decided to have a bit of fun. That butterfly turned out a bit wonky in the picture, but that's just the photo, the rock itself looks pretty neat. These are my fun novelty ones that can be spread out anywhere in the garden.

          Yep, I brought out the glitter. And pixie dust yells glitter!!!! This was fun. I may add glitter to more rocks. I love it.

OH YEA, I almost forgot. When its all done. Put some sealant on those rocks. That way your hard work can last for a while. I sent hubby out, and he was great enough to get me some Glossy sealant and protectant. Yay for gloss to top off my glitter rock. I may add more glitter to the other rocks....

         So that's my pintrest challenge. Thanks Sonja for pushing me to paint a bit more, and heck, even post some blogs! I am going back to scrapbooking now. Hubby was kind enough to walk by and compliment the rocks. I enjoyed that too.

OK now to look at a few other pinster challenges, I will post my favorite here.

Have fun! Hope you are inspired to take that pin and DO IT.

Three for one deal Glitter, drinks and pretty rocks
Its Boozy Candy , looks weird but people enjoyed it. 
Lotion? maybe not I enjoyed this one cause it shows the stupidity of sooo many pins out there.
Using pantyhose for making a cute t-shirt
Pretty bracelet
Weaved tshirt rug - this one made me laugh, lots.
She just makes it look so easy peasy Cherry Pie


  1. They turned out cute! Thanks for participating!

  2. That sounds like my house at meal time! Cool rocks...or craft rocks...something rocks anyway!!

  3. Those are adorable!

    Thanks for the link...I'll be back to see more.

    Xo Bakinginmybathingsuit

  4. I like the pixie dust one even better than the herbs.

    1. It's the glitter right. Glitter makes everything better :)