Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tackling the Pinster procrastination

Alright, just a teaser!

One of the Pinners I follow has challenged everyone!

You know those pins you repin, thinking, "This will be awesome, and so easy to do when I have time! I will pin this and do it for sure!"

Then months go by, you repin and the list gets longer and longer till you decide it's just not worth the effort anymore, yea I knew you knew what I was talking about :)

Actually, the pins I look at the most and actually replicate are the scrapbooking ones, those are great for the brain freeze moments. I'm actually very proud of one of my scrapbook pages I replicated.

I'm recently unemployed. I was upset at first, but then, I realized this gives me lots of time to work on those projects that never make it to the top of the priority list. So after the tears dried up, it was off to the scrapbook room I went!!!!

Last Sept my hubby and I went to Southern Cali, visited SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and of course, Disneyland!!!! Now, that's a lot of memories to scrap, so just one page at a time.

I saw THIS page of SeaWorld, and its just gorgeous. So I had to steal it.....

Two pager. and I love Love LOVE it.

oh, I digress....

So the whole reason for this is, drumroll please!!!!!
Pinster has issued a challenge, one of those pins we talked about earlier.... DO IT and BLOG about it.

All the details are HERE
So, if you need just a little bit of motivation to do that really really cute pin, then this is your bit of motivation.
I am excited. But maybe that's because I am super bored and home way too much now and just looking for any kind of entertainment   :)

So, check back May 30th, I am going to try to find an epic Pin to try.

Happy Weekend!

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