Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Sunshine Kind of Day

Todays a good day. And I feel the need to share it so that I can look back on it later on. Sometimes we need a little reminder on our happy days, for those crappy "I hate myself" kind of days. Well, lets stop talk ing about that and focus on the positive.

I think it started yesterday,
A miraculous thing happened
My cat laid on my lap and purred

Now to most of you cat owners out there, you are probably thinking, well duh, thats what cats do.
Well, not my cat. He's a big bully. Even as a kitten he would fall asleep with his teeth in your hand. My dogs were scared of him, as a little itty bitty kitty.
I would be on my laptop and he would come up behind it and shut it, stare at me, then sit on top of said laptop. If I moved, he growled. Yep, we were being terrorized by a cat.

                                              Notice the cat claws, Notice the terror in the dogs face

So last night, he came up and curled up on my lap and purred, and I was actually able to pet him for a little while. Granted, he had one paw, claws extended into my thigh. Small steps. Small smile

Moving on with the original story of feeling good.

I continued painting my kitchen. I feel much better at it than my original go at it. And I challenged myself even more this round. It always feel good to redo a project and it improves. Now while that should also be  a given, practice makes perfect and all that stuff. But there are some projects that you start, and hate half way through, I know you know what I am talking about. And sometimes it can be nerve wracking to start it over again, hoping for better results. I was so nervous to attempt painting the scene again I stalled for 6 months. I wanted to move on to another project, but dear hubby of mine said "NO, not until you finish previous half done projects!"

So, it's going, and its going well. That brings a smile to my face.

This morning I woke up and went to the gym. I, like most of America, struggle with weight. I always knew, and always said I would do something about it. I avoided taking pictures of myself, avoid mirrors, all that jazz. Until our trip to Disneyland a few weeks ago. I forced myself to look at the pictures that we had taken, and I did not like what I saw. First thing on the to do list when we arrived home- get the personal trainer.
Health should always be a priority, money shouldnt factor into it. Eating healthy, gym memberships, etc, it adds up quickly. But this was it, I needed to change, and I needed some outside motivation to help.
Deciding there was nothing wrong with asking for help was a huge step. As soon as I decided that I needed to share this burden, have someone hold me accountable, and be my personal cheerleader, my confidence went up, even though my wait size hasn't shrunk, yet.

Its truly a mental change in myself, watching what I eat, deciding that 2 oreos is better than 10.
I figure that laughing through an hour workout is a good sign, and I left the gym Smiling

It's been a good day. For no real reason, but just a bunch of little reasons. And those little reasons mean the most. For those tough days, when its one BIG reason thats bringing down the day, just focus on the small things. A dog's tail wagging, a cat purring, or just a bit of laughter.

I wish you all some smiling pixie dust today, and don't forget to look at the small stuff today.

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