Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Perfect Anniversary

We just returned from Disneyland a few days ago, I have a cute project I made that I will share a bit later. For now, i just wanted to share a little bit of happiness.

7 years ago on Sept 9th I married my husband in Kauai. There was no proposal, it was more of a, "Hey, lets go on vacation and get married while we are there. "
Not very romantic, but I love him, and we got married nonetheless.

He knows I want to redo our wedding vows for our 10 year, but refuse to think about it until I get a proper proposal  :)

So, for our anniversary, I arranged for us to have dinner at Ariel's Grotto at California Adventures. Yep, lets call it a present for him cause he got to see pretty princesses, but in reality, it was me that was gushing over Aurora (she is my FAVORITE!).

If you haven't been to Ariel's Grotto, its so pretty, the outside patio overlooks the water, the sunset sets in front of the patio, next to the ferris wheel which has sparkling lights around Mickey.
After all the princesses came by and visited, my dear husband asked me to go up to the front of the patio to watch the sunset. We walked up there, and he said all the perfect, if you were a write for a fancy sitcom the girls would cry, proposal. In front of all the other tables of little princesses in training!! He even got down on one knee and asked me to marry him all over again.

Sigh, blush, butterflies in tummy

I feel so lucky, and so in love. 7 years late, but still just as perfect.

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