Saturday, July 6, 2013

Peter Pan Adventure Double page layout

Hello everyone!!!

I hope everyone has had an awesome week. I have been sooooo busy! It was pride weekend last week, always worth a good time. Although I swear over the past few years, hmm, maybe 10 but I won't admit to being that old, there was stricter rules on clothing, or rather, bodily parts that had to be covered....
Yea, I saw wayyyy to many wobbly parts....

Ok, moving onto better thoughts now. THE SUN HAS BEEN OUT. Makes me sooo excited. My tan is coming along nicely. Don't yell at me about sunblock, I wear it! But I only look my true heritage when I tan (I am Hispanic, not Italian, promise).

I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July and didn't lose too many limbs or digits. Oh, heeey, maybe all the single ladies collected some good digits!!!

To show that I have been productive, here is my layout for the Scrap Friends Colour Palette Challenge.

The colors were beautiful, and allowed me to dip into a paper stack that I haven't had an excuse (ha, like we need an excuse!) to get into.

Super cute colors right! You still have a few more days if you want to join in.  :)

 I am super bummed my camera didn't pick up on the beautiful background paper. Its a really pretty, ummm, lets call it light lime green? patterned paper. Large journaling area, which I think is needed cause well, it can fit a lot of pictures. I find good journaling necessary for adventurous pictures.
Here's a few close ups of the corners. I really like how this page turned out, can't wait to get some photos on it to finish it off.

DOH this picture is crooked! But love the 'treasure' on the journaling page!

Who do you think of when it comes to fun kid adventures, Peter Pan of course! He could fly and got into sword fights, ate any kind of foods he wanted. Although I would say I think it would be annoying if my shadow ran away all the time... Except when trying to sneak up on someone, then it would be awesome.
Have a good one everyone! And leave a comment, they make me happy! A happy Jenn is a good Jenn

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  1. Great take on our Scrap Friends colours...LOVE that saying,too....thanks for joining in with us again:):):)